How to Pick the Right Hosted VoIP Provider

Well, we’ve been busy over here at FreedomVOICE. This week we launched a new blog, which we hope will give customers a better connection with the business. We are putting the final touches on a new website for our FreedomVOICE Virtual Office product, and we’re in the final stages of completing two programs for our agents – both of which will give them better means to market our products.

While all this is going on, the VoIP industry is continuing to make strides forward, especially in the form of hosted VoIP technology. The technology is being further refined every day, and this is really getting people excited. Continue reading How to Pick the Right Hosted VoIP Provider

FreedomIQ Review of the Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G

Businesses are ready. They want VoIP. They see the cost savings and exciting features. They understand the technology lets them “Go Green” and encourages telecommuting. But in order to get the most out of the technology, they need information. They need to be able to access resources that let them pick the correct VoIP solution and tools for their business. That’s where the FreedomIQ Review comes in – and About VoIP of course.

The first FreedomIQ Review by FreedomVOICE focuses on the Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G IP Phone. As a dynamic and powerful device, the introduction of the Cisco WIP310 marks a new level of maturity in wireless VoIP.  The WIP310 works within 300 feet of an Internet connection, provides impressive browsing capabilities, and allows for 3 hours talk time and 40 hours standby between charging. Continue reading FreedomIQ Review of the Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G

SIP Trunking Assessment Criteria

Many SMBs have accepted IP communication as a method for placing internal and external calls. They are now taking a closer look at SIP Trunking, the technology that numerous enterprises have already enthusiastically embraced. Migrating to a new technology involves risk and some SMBs are hesitant to take the step. Knowing where to begin is a challenge.

There are five assessment criteria for SMBs to consider when investigating the migration from TDM to VoIP to SIP Trunking. VARs need to familiarize themselves with the assessment areas and prepare appropriate responses. Properly responding to the assessment criteria will ameliorate the risks in favor of the benefits and potential. Continue reading SIP Trunking Assessment Criteria

VoSKY Offers Skype Exchange for E1 & T1 Circuits

VoSKY is a service for VoIP phones which sells gateways to aid companies with traditional phones to use Skype as a business solution phone service. These unique gateways plug into traditional phones that usually connect to a public network. The gateways then act as a regular network through providing dial tones and responding to key pressing but are actually making a connection to the internet and passing phone calls via Skype to save on local and long distance calling. Continue reading VoSKY Offers Skype Exchange for E1 & T1 Circuits

My SIP Switch – Open Source Project

My SIP Switch is an open source project and a free service which allows using many SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) accounts with one SIP phone or SIP softphone. It is a customizable web based iPBX. The service can either be used online on or installed on a private version (on Windows or Linux with mono).

In order to phone with the cheapest rates of set of providers and/or to receives call from on different DID (virtual geographic numbers) without My SIP Switch, you would need as many phones as provider or to buy expensive pieces of hardware (so that they can support multiple SIP registrations) . My SIP Switch allows you using all your SIP accounts easily and effectively. Continue reading My SIP Switch – Open Source Project

SPIT: Some of Us Were Right to be Paranoid

Several years ago, SPam over Internet Telephony (SPIT) was merely a security issue that hadn’t yet manifested. In fact, NewScientist was predicting SPIT back in 2004. However, many naysayers felt that the fear of SPIT was simply “paranoid media coverage” that would never come to fruition. Ah, if only that were true. It looks like those who discounted the threat of SPIT must now eat some humble pie.

SPIT is not only a reality these days, it’s a quickly growing problem. No, it’s not as common as the Viagra spam in your email bulk folder, but it has definitely arrived. Skype users, in particular, are seeing a rise of instant messages from spammers with fake accounts. As companies scramble around in an attempt to stem these attacks, we the users are left to defend ourselves.

Below are five ways to protect yourself against SPIT: Continue reading SPIT: Some of Us Were Right to be Paranoid Puts Skype into Their CRM Product, the industry leader in on demand CRM, has announced a partnership with Skype and how it plans to build Skype capabilities into it’s CRM product.

As part of its sustained campaign to dominate the emerging world of on-demand applications, has announced a version of the Skype Internet-based telephone software to work with its Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) package.

The special version of Skype, developed by the German voice-over-IP specialist PamConsult will enable users to incorporate phone communications in their CRM applications. The package is available free through’s on-demand software directory AppExchange. Continue reading Puts Skype into Their CRM Product

Microsoft Announces New VoIP Devices

Microsoft is finally getting into the VoIP game and has announced 15 new Voice-over-Internet Protocol-enabled devices.
Bryan Rushe, product manager, unified communications for Microsoft Canada Ltd., said voice is moving from hardware to software. Like the transformation from the mainframe to the PC, software is changing enterprise VoIP and Microsoft is keen to lead the charge.

Traditional IP telephony is failing to meet people’s needs at work. Workers waste 30 minutes per week in phone tag and for 50 per cent of calls workers make they have to look up the number (according to research firm Harris Corp.). E-mail also has its shortcomings, with information overload and misinterpreted emotion. There is the need for the resurgence of the voice back in business and it doesn’t need to be a costly endeavour. Continue reading Microsoft Announces New VoIP Devices

Top 15 VoIP Providers – According to CRN

CRN Tech has recently put together a list of the top 15 vendors in the VoIP space and the list includes several big players. It’s no surprise that companies like Cisco or Avaya made the cut but other smaller providers like 8×8 Inc, Digium and even Vontage (the struggling company Cisco aquired) also squeezed themselves onto the list.

I personally use Skype for my home business and personal calls. With my previous employers, most of the phones we used were Cisco VoIP which worked pretty darn well. The Cisco package even included what’s called a “soft phone” where I installed software on my laptop which simulated my desk phone.

So when I was on business in Japan and someone called my work line, my laptop rang. It was just like I was sitting at my desk. Talk about cool technology. Next time maybe I’ll take the call from the Caribbean and pretend I’m working from my cube.

What’s in Store for VoIP in the Future?

Nobody can predict the future but VoIP News blogged about a report released by Juniper Research placing Cisco at the top of the Enterprise VoIP market. The health of the VoIP market continues to be strong and increased demand will be seen thru 2007.

The VoIP phones just keep getting cooler as well. The latest wireless self-powered phones allow you to use the service without having your computer even on. Pretty cool. Continue reading What’s in Store for VoIP in the Future?