Citrix Incorporates VoIP With Conferencing Software

By Sharla Sikes

Citrix Online will release new versions of GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar software that now incorporate VoIP capability.

Both software suites feature support for Mac and telephone audio, and one-click web conferencing, designed for small and medium businesses.

“Our goal at Citrix Online has always been to develop the simplest and easiest-to-use Web solutions, which is extremely important to our SMB customers,” said Elizabeth Cholawsky, vice president, products and services for Citrix Online, in an article on “With these newest releases of GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, every feature is based on extensive user feedback, from full Macintosh access to this new total audio solution. Used effectively, these technologies can change not only the operating style but also the business economics of companies everywhere.”

Integrating VoIP into the software will streamline the conferencing process. Often, conference calls include users of both VoIP and traditional phone services, and patching both types of users together was problematical.

“The new VoIP capability gives us the opportunity to significantly scale up the business,” said John Lane, founder and owner of LLC. “Having both VoIP and phone connectivity options will encourage more attendees at our weekly marketing seminars, and now we can handle up to a thousand people. With this new product, we are free to ramp up our promotional efforts and really make an impact on the bottom line.”

GoToMeeting was designed for smaller conferences, and GoToWebinar can support audiences of up to1,000. Both programs allow users to incorporate Keynote, PowerPoint, text documents, pictures and other material into presentations, training or product demonstrations. Video is not directly supported by Citrix products, but the company asserts many do use video in GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar presentations. Both programs include tools to monitor audience and gather feedback as well as determine who is participating and who is not.

“With collaboration products, ease of use is critical, especially for SMBs,” said Mark Levitt, vice president for collaborative computing at research firm IDC. “Citrix Online’s one-click access to VoIP and traditional phone connections for both PC and Mac users is designed to give growing businesses one easy-to-use interface for a rich combination of popular tools that are easy to manage and afford.”

Making the software Mac-compatible was a move the company hopes will be a popular one, citing a sharp increase in Mac use among customers.  

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  2. This softwareis meant to develop the simplest and easiest-to-use Web solutions.BY my thinking it gives us the opportunity to significantly scale up the business.It is product to save time by this product we can do marketing seminars, and now we can handle up to a thousand people at a time.

  3. From their website – “VMukti is a Free, innovative, multi-point total communications, collaboration and conferencing engine with built-in support for access to platform features through Personal Customizable Web Interface, Widgets for 3rd party websites, Desktops, and PSTN/ Mobile/ IP Phones. VMukti has been nominated for CCA 2008.”

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  4. This was a great addition to a very good tool. What would make it a better competitor to WebEx and a few of the others would be to add a simple video conferencing capability. Without it, you miss out on a dimension of communication in these sorts of web conferences that so many people have come to expect.

    Bryan Hertz

  5. I agree Bryan. Even just a year ago, we had little requests for video capability in a webconference. Today the requests are much more frequent. It is becoming the norm. Our upgrade to our QuickVisuals platform that includes video capability has made a huge boos in our business.

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