Monema Introduces TamTam PBX

By Sharla Sikes

Monema Communications, a Spanish startup, hit the VoIP market with its new TamTam PBX. TamTam is a “very visual” PBX that’s fully managed online, according to Antonio Cerrolaza from Monema.

Cerrolaza compares TamTam to Yahoo! Pipes, and describes TamTam as being “user-oriented,” with its main features being usability and flexibility.

“TamTam counts with a small number of easy to understand components that permit a small company to take total control of its phone system,” he says.

Monema has also launched two programs available to companies who can resell the service.

Currently, the service can provide incoming numbers in 30 companies worldwide after its recent global launch.

TamTam claims to offer dramatically reduced maintenance and calling costs to its users, as well as features associated with “high-end PBX systems.” TamTam requires no hardware, and has an easy installation process.

With the help of an online tutorial, the system’s features can be configured quickly and easily. The customization allows users to match their phone system to the structure of their company, according to Monema’s web site. Options include “flexibility in managing incoming and outgoing calls: voice menus based on your own locutions, route calls  according to time schedules, country, region or caller number.”

TamTam can be incorporated into a company’s entire business system, allowing links to a customer resource management system for call statistics, or add orders to an ERP.

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