T-Mobile Offers $10 VoIP

By Sharla Sikes

T-Mobile, best known for its wireless service and Catherine Zeta-Jones as spokesperson, recently announced the nationwide availability of its $10 per month @Home service.

The @Home offer invites wireless customers to cancel their land line phone service and opt for T-Mobile’s wireless router. The installation carries a one-time $50 fee. Continue reading T-Mobile Offers $10 VoIP

New VoIP Vulnerabilities Found

By Sharla Sikes

Avaya, Cisco and Nortel are expected to release patches for newly found security issues in their VoIP systems.

The vulnerabilities, found by VoIPshield Laboratories, could allow attacks in remote code execution, unauthorized access, denial of service and information harvesting if targeted by online criminals. Continue reading New VoIP Vulnerabilities Found

MediaRing Introduces Mobile VoIP

By Sharla Sikes

Mobile VoIP is the talk of the town, and has been since VoIP became widely accepted. With new applications available for the market-dominating iPhone, it’s getting closer and closer all the time. More and more VoIP providers are jumping on the bandwagon to provide low-cost calling using cellular headsets. MediaRing Limited, a VoIP service provider based in Singapore with offices worldwide, introduces its new MediaRing MobileVoIP. Continue reading MediaRing Introduces Mobile VoIP

MarketPulse Launched for Traders

By Sharla Sikes

BT announced the release of its MarketPulse product, designed specifically for delivering VoIP service to the trading room on the Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure.

BT MarketPulse integrates data, voice and other multimedia applications in open session initiation protocol. Users can coordinate point-to-point connections used to deliver calls to the trading room. Continue reading MarketPulse Launched for Traders

VoIP Tools in Network Management

By Sharla Sikes

Despite VoIP’s obvious benefits for small and medium businesses, it’s not a “set it and forget it” solution for communications. Incorporating analysis tools for VoIP into your network management system is vital.

But how to begin shopping for such tools? Continue reading VoIP Tools in Network Management