FreedomIQ Review of the Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G

Businesses are ready. They want VoIP. They see the cost savings and exciting features. They understand the technology lets them “Go Green” and encourages telecommuting. But in order to get the most out of the technology, they need information. They need to be able to access resources that let them pick the correct VoIP solution and tools for their business. That’s where the FreedomIQ Review comes in – and About VoIP of course.

The first FreedomIQ Review by FreedomVOICE focuses on the Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G IP Phone. As a dynamic and powerful device, the introduction of the Cisco WIP310 marks a new level of maturity in wireless VoIP.  The WIP310 works within 300 feet of an Internet connection, provides impressive browsing capabilities, and allows for 3 hours talk time and 40 hours standby between charging. Continue reading FreedomIQ Review of the Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G