Cypress Claims Hosted VoIP Enhances Business

By Sharla Sikes

Entrust your communications to someone offsite eliminates the need for expensive solutions to combat disaster situations. Hosted VoIP solutions can provide an added dimension of flexibility in times of disaster. It’s scalable; resilient; and can handle a “wide range of applications.”

Cypress Communications has aimed its new product at the hosted VoIP solutions market. The complete end-to-end hosted VoIP and unified communications solution, called C4 IP, earns its name from its design to “help organizations connect, communicate, collaborate and continue even during a disaster or catastrophe.” Continue reading Cypress Claims Hosted VoIP Enhances Business

Citrix Incorporates VoIP With Conferencing Software

By Sharla Sikes

Citrix Online will release new versions of GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar software that now incorporate VoIP capability.

Both software suites feature support for Mac and telephone audio, and one-click web conferencing, designed for small and medium businesses. Continue reading Citrix Incorporates VoIP With Conferencing Software

VoIP Supply Named to Fast Track 50

By Sharla Sikes

For the third consecutive year, VoIP Supply earned a place in the Fast Track 50, a list of the 50 fastest growing companies in Western New York. Buffalo’s Business First newspaper bestowed the honor based on VoIP Supply’s growth in two areas: Total sales and number of U.S. employees. Continue reading VoIP Supply Named to Fast Track 50

T-Mobile Offers $10 VoIP

By Sharla Sikes

T-Mobile, best known for its wireless service and Catherine Zeta-Jones as spokesperson, recently announced the nationwide availability of its $10 per month @Home service.

The @Home offer invites wireless customers to cancel their land line phone service and opt for T-Mobile’s wireless router. The installation carries a one-time $50 fee. Continue reading T-Mobile Offers $10 VoIP

New VoIP Vulnerabilities Found

By Sharla Sikes

Avaya, Cisco and Nortel are expected to release patches for newly found security issues in their VoIP systems.

The vulnerabilities, found by VoIPshield Laboratories, could allow attacks in remote code execution, unauthorized access, denial of service and information harvesting if targeted by online criminals. Continue reading New VoIP Vulnerabilities Found

VoIP Tools in Network Management

By Sharla Sikes

Despite VoIP’s obvious benefits for small and medium businesses, it’s not a “set it and forget it” solution for communications. Incorporating analysis tools for VoIP into your network management system is vital.

But how to begin shopping for such tools? Continue reading VoIP Tools in Network Management