FreedomIQ Review of the Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G

Businesses are ready. They want VoIP. They see the cost savings and exciting features. They understand the technology lets them “Go Green” and encourages telecommuting. But in order to get the most out of the technology, they need information. They need to be able to access resources that let them pick the correct VoIP solution and tools for their business. That’s where the FreedomIQ Review comes in – and About VoIP of course.

The first FreedomIQ Review by FreedomVOICE focuses on the Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G IP Phone. As a dynamic and powerful device, the introduction of the Cisco WIP310 marks a new level of maturity in wireless VoIP.  The WIP310 works within 300 feet of an Internet connection, provides impressive browsing capabilities, and allows for 3 hours talk time and 40 hours standby between charging. Continue reading FreedomIQ Review of the Cisco WIP310 Wireless-G

SIP Trunking Assessment Criteria

Many SMBs have accepted IP communication as a method for placing internal and external calls. They are now taking a closer look at SIP Trunking, the technology that numerous enterprises have already enthusiastically embraced. Migrating to a new technology involves risk and some SMBs are hesitant to take the step. Knowing where to begin is a challenge.

There are five assessment criteria for SMBs to consider when investigating the migration from TDM to VoIP to SIP Trunking. VARs need to familiarize themselves with the assessment areas and prepare appropriate responses. Properly responding to the assessment criteria will ameliorate the risks in favor of the benefits and potential. Continue reading SIP Trunking Assessment Criteria

Cypress Claims Hosted VoIP Enhances Business

By Sharla Sikes

Entrust your communications to someone offsite eliminates the need for expensive solutions to combat disaster situations. Hosted VoIP solutions can provide an added dimension of flexibility in times of disaster. It’s scalable; resilient; and can handle a “wide range of applications.”

Cypress Communications has aimed its new product at the hosted VoIP solutions market. The complete end-to-end hosted VoIP and unified communications solution, called C4 IP, earns its name from its design to “help organizations connect, communicate, collaborate and continue even during a disaster or catastrophe.” Continue reading Cypress Claims Hosted VoIP Enhances Business

Citrix Incorporates VoIP With Conferencing Software

By Sharla Sikes

Citrix Online will release new versions of GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar software that now incorporate VoIP capability.

Both software suites feature support for Mac and telephone audio, and one-click web conferencing, designed for small and medium businesses. Continue reading Citrix Incorporates VoIP With Conferencing Software

VoIP-Pal Terminates Big Apple Agreement, Hints About New Product

 By Sharla Sikes, a telecommunications products, announced the termination of an agreement between it and Big Apple Consulting USA.

“We have had many inquiries asking us if we have an investor relations firm working with us,” said Richard Kipping, chief executive officer of “So to clarify, we thought we should announce that, Inc. suspended its agreement with BigApple Consulting USA on October 17, 2007 for a three-month period pending clarification on certain matters relating to the agreement. After an internal review we decided to terminate the agreement.”

VoIP-PAL and WorldTel Xchange Inc. announced an alliance in April. The two companies will be jointly marketing an “exciting new product” through VoIP-PAL’s Niche Sales Channel, according to a news release.

Steve Lipman, pesident of WorldTel Xchange, Inc., said, “The combination of VoIP-PAL’s relationship with the Airline Points Program and WorldTel’s new ‘1ButtontoWiFi’ patented cellular/VoIP 1-touch technology will have a tremendous impact with consumers that have accumulated thousands of unused miles.”

The new product aims to capture the “untapped market of 3.2 billion cell phones worldwide,” and is purported to turn any cell phone, PDA or Smartphone—including the iPhone—into a WiFi phone. offers local and long distance voice over IP phone services for both retail and business customers, as well as turnkey solutions through its Partners for the Loyalty Transactional platform, according to officials.

New VoIP Vulnerabilities Found

By Sharla Sikes

Avaya, Cisco and Nortel are expected to release patches for newly found security issues in their VoIP systems.

The vulnerabilities, found by VoIPshield Laboratories, could allow attacks in remote code execution, unauthorized access, denial of service and information harvesting if targeted by online criminals. Continue reading New VoIP Vulnerabilities Found

VoIP Tools in Network Management

By Sharla Sikes

Despite VoIP’s obvious benefits for small and medium businesses, it’s not a “set it and forget it” solution for communications. Incorporating analysis tools for VoIP into your network management system is vital.

But how to begin shopping for such tools? Continue reading VoIP Tools in Network Management

ATSI Boosts VoIP Network

By Sharla Sikes

ATSI Communications, Inc., recently finished expansions on its VoIP network, working together with XO Communications. 

The two companies will operate under an agreement that will double the Internet bandwidth for ATSI, as well as increase that capacity in the future. XO provides on demand capabilities with its Ethernet services. Continue reading ATSI Boosts VoIP Network

Nortel Offers Service Assurance

By Sharla Sikes

Nortel, a longtime big player in the VoIP market, announced a service assurance solution with IBM’s  Tivoli Netcool Carrier VoIP Manager software.  Expected to be available in July, the solution aims to boost network capacity and performance for communications service providers, Nortel says—without raising costs. Continue reading Nortel Offers Service Assurance