How to Pick the Right Hosted VoIP Provider

Well, we’ve been busy over here at FreedomVOICE. This week we launched a new blog, which we hope will give customers a better connection with the business. We are putting the final touches on a new website for our FreedomVOICE Virtual Office product, and we’re in the final stages of completing two programs for our agents – both of which will give them better means to market our products.

While all this is going on, the VoIP industry is continuing to make strides forward, especially in the form of hosted VoIP technology. The technology is being further refined every day, and this is really getting people excited. Continue reading How to Pick the Right Hosted VoIP Provider

Phone Line Monitor Available

By Sharla Sikes

Clare, a manufacturer of solid-state relays and high voltage integrated circuits, announced the availability of its CPC5712, a phone line monitor with detectors integrated circuit. The PLMD is designed for use in high-voltage telephony applications including VoIP gateways and IP PBXs. Continue reading Phone Line Monitor Available

iPhone: VoIP Gadget of the Year

By Sharla Sikes

Well, last year anyway. The minute it hit stores, customers were looking for the hack that would open it up to VoIP and other applications, and it didn’t take long.

Now, new downloadable applications continue to flourish for the iPhone, and fring is the latest to join the game. Continue reading iPhone: VoIP Gadget of the Year

More Business-Targeted VoIP Products

By Sharla Sikes

Voice over IP phone systems seem to be the new product of choice for many small and medium businesses, allowing all the features of a high-end phone system as well as a lower cost.

Applications and products are popping up everywhere trying to appeal to businesses in that category. Continue reading More Business-Targeted VoIP Products

New Phones Offer VoIP Conferencing

By Sharla Sikes

New for business, or for teenagers who talk a lot: new VoIP conferencing phones from Polycom are now available. The two new models feature high-definition voice and other unique features.

Polycom’s SoundStation® IP 7000 and IP 6000 were released today, called “next-generation” IP phones, according to Polycom. Continue reading New Phones Offer VoIP Conferencing

VoIP Growth = Job Growth

By Sharla Sikes

By now you’ve read that VoIP is growing for businesses and private citizens, in the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia and elsewhere in the world. It just makes sense for the same reasons to many people: Cost, features, management, simplicity.

Another boon to the boom: New jobs. Especially in the U.S., facing increased outsourcing and a possible recession (depending on who you ask, it’s happening now), any sort of economic boost is good news. Continue reading VoIP Growth = Job Growth

Jajah for iPhone

By Sharla Sikes

Ahhh, the iPhone. Are you tired of hearing about the iPhone yet? I am, a little, but I’m sort of anti-trend. I can’t deny it is a nifty gadget. And I can’t deny that it and other smartphones are the perfect application for mobile VoIP.

Jajah, a provider of Internet telephony, has new plans to develop a native iPhone application by mid-2008. Continue reading Jajah for iPhone

More Availability of Mobile VoIP

By Sharla Sikes

There’s another mobile VoIP service soon to be available. Sipcall, a startup based in Silicon Valley, plans to offer its Hipsip—a SIP calling service for Skype that will allow users to make VoIP calls from a mobile phone web browser.

Using Hipsip, there’s no need for 3G data or WiFi access—callers can make free calls using Skype on smart phones, including the iPhone. Continue reading More Availability of Mobile VoIP

LA Taxes VoIP

By Sharla Sikes

Voters in Los Angeles approved a 9 percent tax on VoIP calls, as well as reducing other phone taxes by 1 percent. The vote on Measure S was approved by nearly two thirds of voters, and the tax dollars are destined for law enforcement improvements.

But will they? Critics ask if the funds will go toward their advertised use instead of the city’s general fund. And the measure may not even be legal. Continue reading LA Taxes VoIP