VoSKY Offers Skype Exchange for E1 & T1 Circuits

VoSKY is a service for VoIP phones which sells gateways to aid companies with traditional phones to use Skype as a business solution phone service. These unique gateways plug into traditional phones that usually connect to a public network. The gateways then act as a regular network through providing dial tones and responding to key pressing but are actually making a connection to the internet and passing phone calls via Skype to save on local and long distance calling. Continue reading VoSKY Offers Skype Exchange for E1 & T1 Circuits

FCC to Recommend Sanctions Against Comcast

By Sharla Sikes

The Federal Communications Commission will recommend sanctions against Comcast, a cable services provider, for blocking file-sharing traffic, according to the Associated Press.

FCC chairman Kevin Martin will circulate the order to other commissioners today, according to the AP. The commissioners will vote on the sanction at an open meeting Aug. 1. Continue reading FCC to Recommend Sanctions Against Comcast

VoIP Supply Named to Fast Track 50

By Sharla Sikes

For the third consecutive year, VoIP Supply earned a place in the Fast Track 50, a list of the 50 fastest growing companies in Western New York. Buffalo’s Business First newspaper bestowed the honor based on VoIP Supply’s growth in two areas: Total sales and number of U.S. employees. Continue reading VoIP Supply Named to Fast Track 50

T-Mobile Offers $10 VoIP

By Sharla Sikes

T-Mobile, best known for its wireless service and Catherine Zeta-Jones as spokesperson, recently announced the nationwide availability of its $10 per month @Home service.

The @Home offer invites wireless customers to cancel their land line phone service and opt for T-Mobile’s wireless router. The installation carries a one-time $50 fee. Continue reading T-Mobile Offers $10 VoIP

MediaRing Introduces Mobile VoIP

By Sharla Sikes

Mobile VoIP is the talk of the town, and has been since VoIP became widely accepted. With new applications available for the market-dominating iPhone, it’s getting closer and closer all the time. More and more VoIP providers are jumping on the bandwagon to provide low-cost calling using cellular headsets. MediaRing Limited, a VoIP service provider based in Singapore with offices worldwide, introduces its new MediaRing MobileVoIP. Continue reading MediaRing Introduces Mobile VoIP

VoIP Acquisitions on the Rise

By Sharla Sikes

When VoIP became a widely accepted form of communication, it was mostly offered by a host of small, independent service providers. As popular adoption of the service grew, the larger telecommunications companies began targeting their slice of the pie, too.

Today we have a mix; some of the startups have gone under, but many independents remain as well as the big telecoms. The same holds true in the market for VoIP software. Continue reading VoIP Acquisitions on the Rise