VoSKY Offers Skype Exchange for E1 & T1 Circuits

VoSKY is a service for VoIP phones which sells gateways to aid companies with traditional phones to use Skype as a business solution phone service. These unique gateways plug into traditional phones that usually connect to a public network. The gateways then act as a regular network through providing dial tones and responding to key pressing but are actually making a connection to the internet and passing phone calls via Skype to save on local and long distance calling.

This new product is the VoSKY Pro VIT/E1 gateway. This plugs into larger PBXes which normally receive incoming T1 or E1 lines. T1 has the ability to carry 24 standard phone circuits of 64 Kbps each with a 1.5 Mbps throughput. A E1 is a 2 Mbps European standard that can carry 30 phone circuits. This is far more effective than previous exchanges from VoSKY which only had the capability of handling 4-8 simultaneous phone calls at one time.

Even small companies can gain a lot by combining VoSKY with a Skype service. They could have the ability to place gateways in two branches and send traffic between the two using Skype, also known as trunking. They can also make all outgoing calls via SkypeOut, which would cost about the same per year as it would per month using a traditional phone service. The savings and ease of internet connected calling are worth looking into!

Article written by Erin Laing

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